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Yesterday we were excited to hold our 1st quarterly divisional meeting at NPS Metals and NP Finishing in Fargo, ND.  Some of the team from corporate were able to make the trip, and we all enjoyed reconnecting with our friends at the Northern divisions.

The company wrapped up Quarterly meetings at PVS Structures and Omaha Steel earlier in January, and will be hosting same for PVS Metals and MVS Metals in February.  “Our new year’s resolution is to be better communicators, and we’re off to a good start,” said CEO Tyler Owen.

We can’t tell you all how much we appreciate the team’s efforts and are looking forward to the 2nd quarter meetings – there should be less snow in May up north!

Who loves free gas? Our amazing employee’s do! Each week for the summer, we are giving away $50 Casey’s gas cards to random staff!

Week 1 Winners:

MVS Metals: Brittany Salvatori and Peggy Schultz

NPF Finishing: Chris Thomte

NPS Metals: Nate Jacobson and Ayanna Doll

OSC Castings: Nikita Hart and Jose Roque

Owen Holdings: Linda Schliesser

PVS Metals: San Htoo and Mario Moreno

PVS Structures: Randy Driver and Thomas Horswill


Week 2 Winners:

MVS Metals: Bryce Engle and Son Nguyen

NPF Finishing: Tim Kaminski

NPS Metals: Justin Wirgo and Nelson Adam

OSC Castings: Tasha Dunfield and Harold Harris

Owen Holdings: Dan Cimino

PVS Metals:  Samuel Rojas and Dae Si

PVS Structures: Brandon Steggall and William Collen

Week 3 Winners:

MVS Metals: Bill Manchester and Jody Sybesma

NPF Finishing: Chris LeMay

NPS Metals: Dixon Aguebor and Sam Parwon

OSC Castings: Sam Polsley and Robert Graves

Owen Holdings: Sheri Peetz

PVS Metals: David Clark and Hla Yi

PVS Structures: Justin Christensen and Matt Forney

Thank you to all of our employees in all of our divisions for all that you do!

You are appreciated!

NPS Metals is excited to support the American Heart Association Heartwalk! We walk to raise funds for science that help us live longer, be healthier and make more moments possible, helping to prevent heart disease and stroke. 

We are thankful to participate in this event!

PVS held its annual horseshoe tournament the first two weeks of October. Thirty-two employees signed up. The competition was fierce, and everyone had fun.

With many rescheduled games due to rain and unseasonable cold weather, the final game was played in the sun!

First Place: Brad Dittman and Paul Jay

Second Place: Jeff Conrad and Mike Motycka

The winners received a traveling trophy and bragging rights of being the 2018 champions!

Owen Industries welcomes Delta.

Owen Industries recently met Delta . Delta is the new Carter Lake Police Departments K-9 Officer.

OII was able to donate funds toward the purchase of Delta and looks forward to the positive impact he will have on the Carter Lake community.

Delta joined the department in June and has already been called to assist the Omaha Police Department as well as his many tasks with his partner Officer Matt Owens.

Officer Owens stated that Delta is always wanting to work and is a long awaited addition to the force.–addition-in/article_7a93ca82-57a5-11e7-b22e-3b938dc5838a.html